Saturday, June 12, 2010

// Untitled +0

Untitled + 0

Photography - Scott Trindle
Styling - Mattehw Josephs
Model - Max Barreau @ Models1
Max wears Nasir Mazhar, Thomas Tait and Adidas
Shot this story with Scott Trindle for Anna and Junsuke's new magazine called Untitled + 0

"A magazine aiming to promote, support and enjoy the talent of young designers, photographers and stylists. Untitled issue +0 is available now in Tokyo fashion boutiques and coming soon to London, New York, LA, Paris andAntwerp."

Founder + Editor: Junsuke Yamazaki
Fashion Editor: Anna Trevelyan
Art Director: Hideki Ishida
Creative Director: Yoshikazu Yamagata @ Written Afterwards 

Other contributors to this issue are Anna Trevelyan who shot the cover story with Hedi Slimane, Robbie Spencer and Ben Toms, Leon Mark and Stevie Westgarth, Me and Scott Trindle, Sharif Hamza, Yasunari Kikuma, Xevi Muntane and Lotta Volkova

we did 7 images i'll post the rest soon



Dean Ryan @ Moda Por Favor said...

I'm so bloody excited for that magazine.
Those photos look great.


Anna Trevelyan said...

amazingness!! xx