Friday, May 14, 2010

// Fuck yeh! Mayjzine!

Ellen and I did these with Prizme for the new issue of i-D we worked on 6 and these 2 were printed i'll post the whole set soon, we wanted it to look like a screen printed 80's punk fanzine
(click on them to get bigger)

Photography Ellen Rogers (with a little bit from me)
styling me
design and composition by Prizme (he's amazing)
Models - Dan Felton @ D1/ Callum Wilson @ Select/ Sid Chartity @ Select/ Detto and Kosuke

gonna make a "fashion fanzine" (lolz) with a few friends its gonna be mayj 

(looking for contributors, let me know!)



Jaiden Jeremy James said...

this is pretty cool

Mathieu said...

I'm not sure what you are after, in terms of contributors, but I do illustrations and would love to contribute...if you're interested, that is.
Some of my work lives here .

Mathieu said...

that didn't work...
here ---->

Lee Jasper Jones said...

YO this is SICK!

Raphael Hirsch said...

Hi Matthew , not sure what you are after in terms of contributors but I am definitely interested in contributing. I work as a freelance stylist so give me a shout if you like my stuff and are interested