Sunday, September 19, 2010

//The Martyrdoms

Photography - Matthew Stone // Styling Matthew Josephs
Vogue Hommes Japan vol.5 
digital edition

models: Abiah Hostvedt at Elite London and Kane

The Undying
The Undying are fearsome Cie'th who, cursing their former fal'Cie masters for forsaking them at the end of their forced servitude, refuse to surrender their connection to this world.
Whereas normal Cie'th eventually cease their wanderings and turn to stone, the Undying rage on, fueled by a jealous hatred of all living things. Retaining the defiant strength of will they knew in life, they act on instinct, doling out death and destruction to
all that dare cross their path.

kane wears helmet by katie eary, fur trimmed afro comb by nasir mazhar, garlands by sorcha o'raghallaigh, tartan trousers and belts by jw anderson, grey coat and pleated trousers by gareth pugh, vintage kimono stylists own, fabric from ridley road market rings models own

abiah wears red slashed leather knitted dress across face gareth pugh archive - s/s 06 black slashed leather knitted coat with fox fur pom poms gareth pugh archive - f/w 05 red swarovski vest worn around neck and black slashed leather trousers gareth pugh archive both s/s 08