Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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I worked with Carri Munden this season on her line, I styled and cast the show during LFW (images and video coming) and worked with her on a line she did for Ken (as in Barbies BF lol)

Carri designed the clothes I cast and styled the lookbook thinking her Kens should reflect her work I decided to make the UK council estate chavs with super airbrushed Ken abs and giving Jack Ken a bunch of flowers for his GF lolz, Jayd Ken has pearl studded bubble gum and a diamante chav baseball hat (made by me innit)

Also to keep it in line with Carris stuff I got the AMAZING Daniel Sannwald to take the pictures, his stuff is always a bit fantasy sci - fi like Carris, he was perfect!

Photography - Daniel Sannwald
Styling / Casting - Matthew Josephs
Models - Jack Manhood @ FM and Jayd (streetcast)
all clothes Cassette Playa x Ken


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Anonymous said...

great job w the casting & styling. beautiful work on the collaborative effort as well.